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Life is more fun with a masterplan. This is mine.

Empower people with digital tools

My approach is to try to empower people in their everyday life, by providing them with digital tools that offer them a crutch to (subtly) change the dynamics of how we interact, learn and grow as people and society as a whole.

Progress on impact

This site shares the challenges, prototypes, products and services I'm working on. It's explicitely not about awereness. There are many areas where there is enough awereness, and there is a need solutions on how to act on this knowledge with impact.

My 6 steps plan

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Find worthy challenges

Person thinking (illustration)

Think it through

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Create concepts & prototypes

Two people with a star above them, as combined thoughts (illustration)

Partner up

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Make it self sustainable

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Make a real impact


Illustration for the challenge: Inclusive innovation

Inclusive innovation

Create tools that allow and stimulate us all to participate in designing our future. Make it simpler, cheaper and more fun to participate and grow ideas regardless of prior knowledge about the creative process.

Illustration for the challenge: Tools for fairness

Tools for fairness

Create tools that increase understanding by providing context and fresh perspectives. By including diverse human perspectives, the aim is to enable fairness as an integral part of the choices we make when we build our future.