My Picture Books

Use your own pictures to create picture books, and enhance them with texts or audio. The easiest way to quickly create your own comic or picture book. No ads, no accounts, just free.


Added two new free books to the library inside the app
Mar 14, 2021
First in-app-purchase feature: FTP upload/download
Jan 3, 2021
Online library to download free books from
Dec 26 2020
14.998 active users
Dec 17, 2020
Single page view with zoom
Apr 14, 2019
4.787 active users
Nov 22, 2018
App promo video
Dec 12, 2014


How far along the plan is it?
Circle representing a challenge (illustration)
Find worthy challenges
Lets make the experiment of story creation and storytelling something fun do with your children.
Person thinking (illustration)
Think it through
Initially created as a compact 'picture book player' that can hold many books to use with my daughters. It has emerged as a tool used at schools, and for people of all ages to enjoy creating and viewing personal digital storybooks.
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Create prototypes
The free Android app get's lots of use and positive feedback. Unsuspected use case is for parents with autistic children and teaching in general. Sharing proves to be difficult.
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The best fit seems to be a publisher of children books.
Star surrounded by smaller stars (illustration
Make it sustainable
The app doesn't make any money, but I've had online conversations with users about specifics on what they would pay for. I think a marketplace inside the app and paid premium features could allow for a healthy business model so it can keep improving.
Three people with star on their chest (illustration)
Produce real impact
It's the app that I've had the most heartwarming feedback from. I'm very proud it is used in some classrooms with children aged around 5. As of nov 2019, it has 50.000+ installs and over 8.000 active users.

Effort for Inclusive innovation

Create tools that allow and stimulate us all to participate in designing our future. Make it simpler, cheaper and more fun to participate and grow ideas regardless of prior knowledge about the creative process.