True UX

True UX is a series of articles and prototypes searching for a new and improved UX tool.


Progress towards a TrueUX product
April 9, 2018
Focus on MVP for a command based UX tool
April 9, 2018
Introducing the TrueUX Sandbox Prototype!
January 16, 2018
The story of a true UX tool
December 12, 2017
Growing a UX Tool
September 27, 2017
Exploring the speed of text commands when wireframing
Augustus 16, 2017
UX source files for a True UX tool
July 8, 2017
Perspectives on a True UX tool
June 30, Augustus 12, 2015
A True UX tool
June 30, 2015


Circle representing a challenge (illustration)
Find worthy challenges
User Experience (UX) design should be much simpler to do right. With better UX, all the things that surround us will become more pleasent to use and more effective. Although this assumes aligned goals between creators and end users.
Person thinking (illustration)
Think it through
Current UX tools often focus on the scope of screens. There is a need for a holistic UX tool that stimulates designs that put the human at the center and makes it easy to share and update designs.
Circle with edges of a star (illustration)
Create prototypes
I've started prototyping with the focus on how to ensure a single source of truth that is easy to share. This resulted in a prototype for command based wireframing. Both for Slack, desktop and the web. It was live and used a couple of hundred times for a few months.
Two people with a star above them, as combined thoughts (illustration)
I've not found a partner for this project, but I also feel I need to do at least one big iteration on the prototype before its true potential becomes obvious.
Star surrounded by smaller stars (illustration
Make it sustainable
In a commercial context the added value of such a tool should be self evident, but is not proven. The tool improves the speed of creation, with higher quality.
Three people with star on their chest (illustration)
Produce real impact
I've had e-mail contact with the major UX tool companies, And the first article 'A True UX tool' was widely read and shared within these companies. So presumable, the articles had an inspirational impact. The prototype itself hasn't had any impact.

Effort for Inclusive innovation

Create tools that allow and stimulate us all to participate in designing our future. Make it simpler, cheaper and more fun to participate and grow ideas regardless of prior knowledge about the creative process.