TinyUX is a simple and quick wireframing app for your phone or tablet. It uses a grid that allows you to tap tap tap tap and export the image.



Circle representing a challenge (illustration)
Find worthy challenges
Capture and share visual ideas anywhere and anytime.
Person thinking (illustration)
Think it through
A grid based low-fi approach can keep things simple and neat.
Circle with edges of a star (illustration)
Create prototypes
First created the Silly Face Builder Toy app to experiment with code and UI.
Two people with a star above them, as combined thoughts (illustration)
The app is live. It's a solo project so far.
Star surrounded by smaller stars (illustration
Make it sustainable
It's a paid app from the start. With a free version with a single smaller board.
Three people with star on their chest (illustration)
Produce real impact
Stats dec 2022: 30+ purchases

Effort for Inclusive innovation

Create tools that allow and stimulate us all to participate in designing our future. Make it simpler, cheaper and more fun to participate and grow ideas regardless of prior knowledge about the creative process.