TinyUX is a simple and quick wireframing app for your phone or tablet. It uses a grid that allows you to tap tap tap tap and export the image.
2019+ version of Charitius; a global charity search engine. Open source and based on open data.
Charitius 2016
Global charity search engine. Built a working prototype with over 1.000.000 charities
Attempt to create a charity social network site that helps you find the charities you can trust.
Idea Growr
Idea Growr is a free app that helps you to quickly store and retrieve your ideas. Question sets stimulate fresh thoughts.
True UX
True UX is a series of articles and prototypes searching for a new and improved UX tool.
My Picture Books
Use your own pictures to create picture books, and enhance them with texts or audio. The easiest way to quickly create your own comic or picture book. No ads, no accounts, just free.
Cultr Clash
Game where you take the perspective of wanting to create a cult.