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Take these steps to export your books, and view them in the browser.

Store in Download folder

Tap bottom option:

You can also select ‘Export’, that will show you the list of apps you want to share the file with. Often the file is too big to be shared directly with a different app, like GMail.

The ‘smaller file’ option minimizes the images to a max width / height of 900px. If your books contain camera images, this option will make the export file much smaller, while still looking very nice.

Upload the file to Google Drive:

Alternatively, you could do this using DropBox, OneDrive, etc.

Tap the big plus to upload file:

Select Upload:

Assuming your Downloads folder is sorted by ‘Modified’, you select the first file:

Now your phone  or tablet needs some time to upload the file.

Download to your desktop computer

Open your browser and go to

Select ‘Recent’ in de menu, and right click the top file:

Select Download:

You are asked by your browser to place it in a folder. You go to this specific folder, for instance your Downloads folder.

If you did ‘Export’ directly from the app to Google Drive, the file you download might be renamed by Google to be a .html file. This is nonsene, once you have downloaded the file, just rename it from .html to be .zip.

Right click the file, select “Extract all” or something to that nature.

Extract the files

When extracting you’ll create a new folder that holds all the files inside.

Open the index.html file inside that newly created folder.

The Chrome browser seems to be the best choice for working audio.

Be aware: If you try to view the index.html ‘inside’ the zip preview, the images won’t show, you need to unpack the zip file first.

Enjoy, if you have any questions, let me know.

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