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Earlier this week I got an e-mail from Michel, who would like to use My Picture Books (MPB) in the class, but was missing an import feature. Also it was requested in the Google Play reviews.

Also, MPB is slowly gaining users, so more and more people would be helped by the feature.


Google changed the way stats are processed, so I can’t show a true lifetime chart. Currently not ‘installs by device’ but ‘installs on active devices‘ are used. Meaning users who opened the app in the last 30 days. For May 2, that number is 786.

So while I’m actually working on other things, like learning how to use FireBase, I thought I’d do this. I have a similar import feature for Idea Growr, so much of the code could be re-used. So in about 4 hours I had the update ready, and here it is:


Main menu now includes a settings icon. Where you can click a few dialogs to do an import. When importing the app looks at the names of the books to see if you might import a book you already have.

Screenshot_1493970454 Screenshot_1493970464 Screenshot_1493970469 Screenshot_1493970472 Screenshot_1493970478Screenshot_1493970484

While I was looking at the MPB code, I found some room for improvement here and there, but I won’t let myself get distracted too much, since I feel that once I know how to use FireBase I’ll potentially be able to add online capabilities for all my apps.

So yes, it’s a bit strange that the export is on the main screen, but the import on the settings screen. But I’ll leave it like that for now :).

Like the update? Or if you have other feedback, let me know.

Download the free android app here.

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