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The charities site I wrote earlier about just went live:


The short term goal is to let it be a global search engine for charities. Then in later steps I want to add more context, reviews and create an open API. You can read more about it here in ‘about’.

No charity reviews for now

In the screen-cast here I showed a version where you could sign up with your Twitter account and I actually have a version working locally where you can write reviews. But I decided that I was not ready for this yet. Live accounts requires moderation, being extra secure with your data and some form of customer service. At the moment I just don’t have the (continuous) time for that.

By first starting off as a pure search engine, I can slowly grow the content and quality of what will be the main feature for many users.

How you can help

My question to you: do you know great sources of data for Charitius? I’m using public data from UK, Australia and the Netherlands. I’d love to add more countries.

Also, I’d like to thank Giles from for helping out by providing a free hosting.


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