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Some of the progress on the charities website I wrote earlier about:

** Some of them you can see in the screenshot below.**

** * Used Bootstrap to create front-end. Most of it is ready.

Creating front-end that looks decent has been much easier than I thought.  Also the icons of <a href="" target="_blank">font-awesome</a> and bootstrap are awesome and also very easy to use.

** Starting with only allowing users to create accounts via Twitter has a couple of advantages; It’s quick to build, robust and makes it a little bit easier to spot spammers.**

** * **Wrote texts

** That was a bit more work than I expected. There is still some work in that area.**


What home will look like


Up next:

** The static front-end of most pages is there, like the write review and edit account. But as the prototype is improving we’ll probably see more pages and states we need to build. * **Get search working

** In the beginning search will be very simple, and probably will only find charity pages. * Figure out a good name

As a working title we have &#8220;Charities we trust&#8221;, but I think that will cause problems. If someone visits the site and enters on a specific charity page, this person might think we endorse the charity since we say &#8216;we trust&#8217; them.

** There is a whole lot of texts, code and other work that needs to be one..**


Here’s visualization on the work what has been done so far.

Made with gource.

Soon I’ll hope to be able to share a link to an early prototype 🙂

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