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I have added a couple of new features in Idea Growr with the goal to give you more control over your own questions.

_Download the Android app here, or learn more and watch a video here._

Create and edit multiple of your own question sets

Idea Growr settings Manage your own setsEdit question set

When I rewrote the database last year, I set up a structure that would allow me to do this update. I hope to later use this as a first step to a simple platform where you can share and import your question sets.

I put a lot of effort into creating a list of fields, and I was very close. But in the end I had to use a pop-up dialog where you can enter your question. I could write a rant about how Android should make this easy, but I won’t.

For every idea select what ideas you want to use


I got a number of requests for this feature and it is one of those things that I hadn’t thought about myself. You could say that seeing a title of a question set you aren’t using is not a problem. But when you really think about it does matter.

Idea Growr is about helping you in your thinking process and it makes sense to want to remove as much clutter as possible.

Select any of the 11 languages in the settings

Pop-up language select, if you scroll you would see Portuguese too.

The app always supported a large number of languages. I wrote about it from the start. The way that Android works out of the box, is that it will use the language of your device. I received feedback that people wanted to switch languages. I can understand, because to be honest, most of these translations are far from perfect.

While some have helped, I use Google translate for most of them. The thought being that if you don’t know English, you would rather have something you could read but had some strange sentences, than have an app that you can’t read at all.

You might think it would be easy to implement such a feature, once you have all the translations, but it was not so simple. Either way, I now have it working and I wonder if more people will switch to English or use the feature to switch to a different language at all.

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