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It has been over a year since I updated My Picture Books.

MPB StatsFebr 2016

You can see that with about 350 active users this app needs a little love and attention. So I went over the feedback to see how I could best improve the app.

Comment on this blog:

Sinisa commented”.. Also, option to export as PDF will be awesome, or even better if you can export with all features as in app. I mean with audio, text and pictures. Importing other books will bring this app to new level…”

Reviews on Google Play

Sherry San Diego: “I’d like to have the option to keep my work in private & at the same time, be able to share my books (or the links to my books) to others if I want to.”

Gabby D: “I wish I could be able to share it”

Chandra Praba “Amazing app. How can I share my book..”

Exporting your books

As a first step towards sharing, today I added an export feature. The app will create a zip file that contains all images, audio and HTML files to display the books. You can for instance send it via e-mail or store it in your Dropbox folder. For this update, the HTML file is very basic, there is no page flipping, you just scroll to see the pages.

Play audio on Chrome browser

You can also play the audio you might have recorded with a page, but not all browsers can handle the file type that is used. The means you have to use Chrome if you want to listen to your recordings.

There is not yet an import feature, but I created a JSON file that will make it easier to add this in the future.

Download the Android app here. Let me know what you think!

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