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It has been a while since I did any work on My Picture Books. It’s always a nice to get some feedback in my inbox. Carlos gave me an ok to share it here:

It’s a great app, very easy to use. My little students (5&6 years old) are able to create their own albums.

I’d like to suggest you only one thing. If you can to make an option to share the albums it will be the perfect app.

If you don’t know the app, here is a quick introduction:

Really great to learn that children of that age are able to use the app. Being able to share, or even export your books requires quite some work, and I’m not even sure how to best go about it. But it got me thinking about the app again.

Like with Idea Growr, the app doesn’t have an online back-end, so I’m first looking into what can be done in the device. I’ll try to create a little prototype that at least will be able to export an HTML file with images and figure out if that works.

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