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In case you where wondering why I wrote an article on Medium and it’s not over here. This site is for everything about me and my projects. The posts are often written and directly put online.

For my work at Jungle Minds, I write articles that are intended for a professional audience. While there is a grey area in between, it’s the difference between posts and articles. Either way, the article I wrote as gotten quite some views and tweets.

I figured that writing about those statistics is more something for over here on my own

Growth in views, reads, recommendations

Medium gives you a nice panel that shows you how your article is doing:


I wanted to track things a little bit closer, so I created a google spreadsheet and made updates by hand. This way, I was able to create this graph:


The recommendations in a separate graph:


What kick-started the numbers

I posted the link on a number of websites: Reddit, slashdot, hackernews, a number of google plus communities and linkedin.

Also I posted a link in a relevant channel at a  slack  community for UX’ers. I didn’t do Facebook, because I don’t have a presence over there.

The reason for this uptake


My first post on Reddit was at /r/userexperience/ I figured later on that perhaps there was a bigger subreddit where my article could still be relevant for. I submitted the link to /r/web_design/ and that resulted in the uptick you see in the graph.

Since there is a community revolt going on at the moment on Reddit, my link is no longer accessible. Still, it was up long enough.

The rest is non-self-promoted growth

After that the rest of the growth is outside of me trying to promote the article. It has gotten quite some retweets for instance:

Also the link has been included in the newsletter. This is obviously related to the number of upvotes the article is getting on their site:


I did not post that link, but as you can see on the screenshot, I couldn’t resist upvoting my own article..

Lessons learned

Nope, it’s not that type of post. There are no deep lessons on how you should do marketing or promote yourself.  If you want a formula, it’s something like:

  1. Write an article that resonates
  2. Submit links to the websites you visit
  3. Have some luck

Since tracking stats like these is my gamification weak-spot I thought I might as well share it with all of you.

Unless my medium article about the need for a true UX tool gains a ridiculous amount of extra attention, my next post will be about how I’m working on implementing material design for my Idea Growr app.

* And yet again Julius is pressing the refresh button on his browser *

Number of views is no up to 4.228, 1.886 read, 73 recs.



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