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I’d like to give some examples of the type of tools I’d like to work on and why. Firs let me humbly explain my view on how the world works.

Motivation – Most people are motivated to do the right thing. They want to improve the conditions for themselves and if possible for all people. Think about what a Miss World would talk about:

Most people know the world as a lot of problems, and we would like to see it differently. In my believe we don’t have an awareness problem.

So what’s holding us back?

Understanding – The world is rather complex. A lot of interconnected parts impact how the world operates. How do people become homeless? And what does it take to get them back on a more stable track. It’s not simple and not easy 1 to fix this problem.

Feedback – When you try something new, you want to know if it had any effect. If the feedback is positive you are motivated to do more of it. When you try to take on the big problems like poverty and education the feedback loop feels broken.

Broken feedback comes in many forms:

  1. No feedback at all. Someone asks you to give money for the children in Nepal. You give some money and you never hear about these children again.
  2. Slow feedback. When you vote for a politician to improve the way the educational system works. Even if that politician gains the power to work on the problem, it takes many years before you can expect to see any significant results.
  3. Noisy feedback. What does it mean when more people immigrate from conflict areas to the Netherlands? Are there more conflicts? Has it become easier to get out of these countries? Was it because of policy changes in the Netherlands or in Europe? It’s not so clear if it’s a good or a bad thing in the short term or long term.

How to fix it – Improve feedback loops,simplify where possible 2 and make it easy to take steps in the right direction.

The assumption is that things will improve when people have a greater understanding of what is going on and it’s easier to take actions and learn from them. This reasoning gives birth to unlimited opportunities and ideas worth investing in.

Some examples of possible tools:

** Example: Make it super easy to quickly keep track of your goals and progress towards those goals**.

** * Help teachers to learn from other teachers.

Example: Share experiences on how to deal with bullying.

How about making money?

Both for my own sake and because it enables the investment in the long term impact of these tools, profitability is an essential part of the equation.

Obviously the business model shouldn’t infringe on the primary purpose of the tool. It wouldn’t make sense to provide advertisements inside a tool that was created to help prevent manipulation by lobbyists. In the same way that FIFA should not have McDonald’s as a sponsor [7].


So this is the rough road map for me to move forward on. It has a clear focus and it’s extremely diverse. It can include small prototypes and projects that take years to mature. There is a lot to learn and a lot to do. Let’s get going :).


[ 1 ] Simple made easy

The link is to a presentation that explains simple versus complex and easy versus hard. Easy are things that are ‘near to us’, that we understand quickly, that require little effort. Simple is straightforward, with no (or few) intertwined parts. Something simple like losing weight can be very hard to do.

[ 2 ] To quote Einstein – “Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler”

It requires deep understanding in order to simplify something complex and stay true to the nature of what you are trying to convey. This means that for designing these tools, the designer needs to become somewhat of an expert in the field the tool deals with.

[ 3 ] Google Play – Idea Growr

Android app I made for the purpose of helping people to grow their ideas.

[ 4 ] Google Play – Personal Life Goal Goach

Android app I made to help people set and keep track of their personal goals.

[ 5 ] Google Play – My Picture Books{#note4}

Android app I made for the purpose of making it more fun to read with your kids by enabling you to add sounds to the pages of your books. Another angle to this app is that it makes it easier to take a whole bunch of books on a trip, because you only need to take along your tablet.

[ 6 ] Sugar Fat Salt

An idea that I have not fully worked out yet, that makes it easier to understand how healthy your food is.

[ 7 ] FIFA – Who we are

FIFA states: “Promoting health through playing football and using the game as educational platform”. Somehow this coincides with having McDonald’s as a sponsor.

I’ve put this same text on the about me page.

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