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I’m a newbie when it comes to coding. I did all the software development for Idea Growr, but now I have found a developer who’s willing to help out. We are going to do a major update on the app, rewriting most of the code and adding a number of features.

I’ll introduce this French developer in a later post. In this post I’ll preview some of the features and write about how we will collaborate.

A new team

We divided the responsibilities like this:

Besides working on the big master plan, interaction design, content, translations and marketing, I’m learning a whole bunch of tools.

A new set of tools

These are the tools we are using:

Once we have implemented online collaboration, we will use Idea Growr itself for new ideas in relation to the project.

A new menu

Because we want to add a number of new features this year, the app needs a scalable menu. We will use the navigation drawer menu for this. Here’s a wireframe I created to figure out what should be in the menu.


A new home


For future releases we would like to include collaboration, photos and many other features. This has an effect on what you would want to see on your home screen (dashboard). By adding an activity feed we tackle a number of things:

It’s a scalable concept. We can start out with a history of the ideas and notes the users created and build out the feed from there.

A new overview

First the old design, then the wireframe for the new idea overview screen.


Wireframe of the new version


I want to give the user more options, more guidance and more control over how they can grow their ideas. Also I wanted to clean up the design a little bit.

Here’s what I’ve done:

New way to keep track of your ideas


From day one the most requested feature was to have some sort of online sync and storage.

Online storage is the feature we are giving the highest priority.

I hope you like the glimpse of what is to come for Idea Growr. If you’d like to be involved with testing the new version send me a message. Any feedback can be shared here in the comments or on twitter (@ideagrowr).

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