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We are happy to announce Idea Growr v1.29! In this update, We’ve partnered up with various industry experts to provide you with sets of questions (Question Packs) that will help stimulate you and guide your thinking if your idea happens to lie within a given category.

To start, is providing an “App ideas” question pack, is providing a “Startup ideas” question pack, and contributed a “Movie scripts” question pack. These questions will tell you what crucial questions industry insiders think you should be asking yourself.

Blog item by Founder2be, and by Applits.

We like to expand by including more expert partners. If you have good suggestions on categories or if you like to partner with us, leave me a message!

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_p.s. If you’re wondering why I’m writing “we” on my personal blog. I’m collaborating with Applits on Idea Growr. You can read more about it over here._

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