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Personal Life Trackr (PLT) has been live now for about two weeks. In this post I want to do a quick analysis of the app and take a look on how to move forward.

Personal Life Trackr

Analysis of the value the app is providing

I have used the app myself for a while and it has become clear to me the app is missing something. First let me refer back to Idea Growr, why do people like it? I believe it’s because of two things:

At the moment PLT is rather easy and quick to use. The main limitation is that PLT is missing that helping hand. It should be more than a goal setting and evaluation tool. It should support you in your thinking.

Making PLT support your thinking

The main problem I experienced with PLT, was that I found myself staring at the screen that asked me to set goals for my future self. How do I go about this?

After thinking about it for a while I came up two main elements:

Using this structure, I came up with these new wire frames for the PLT app:


I’m also going to make every user click the ‘I am committed to this goal’ checkbox. You have to pause (ever so shortly) to make this goal an official agreement with yourself that you are going to take a real effort.

I also see many other ways on how to enhance these steps and ways on how to improve the evaluation process, but I first need to implement this to see if and how it works with real people.

_Personal Life Trackr is a free an simple android app that helps you improve yourself by setting goals and measuring your progress. Download the app on Google Play._

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