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_I am happy to announce I have set up a partnership with Applits for the mobile app Idea Growr._

In April I posted about wanting to create an app that is about Imagine Anything. In May the app went live and now the app has over 5.000 users. I’m happy to say I’m teaming up with Applits to grow Idea Growr to it’s full potential.

Why a partnership

I was looking to partner with a company that could help me in a number of ways.

  1. Improve the quality
  2. Increase the userbase
  3. Make it profitable

It is also a nice first instance of how I’d like to work: create a working prototype to show a potential and find a partner that fits the prototype to take it to the next level.

About Applits


Applits is an app ideas competition. It offers a platform for community involvement in the very first step of app development. Users can submit ideas and have the community vote for a winner each month. Applits will develop the app and share the profit with the user who submitted the idea.

Why Applits

Applits has a number of things going for it. The main things are:

E-mailing and talking with them quickly made clear we where on the same page on how to approach this and move forward. As a first step we transferred the app to the Applits Google Play account and set up a promotional page on the Applits website.

Our plans for Idea Growr

Our first focus is expanding the user base and improving the user experience. The first things we are focusing on are:

So how is this ever going to make any money?

Plan A is using the freemium business model. We are aiming to cater to people who make money with their ideas. At the same time we want to keep the free version as feature rich as possible. Just to be clear, you will always be the sole owner of the ideas and notes you write in the app.

About Idea Growr


Idea Growr is a free android app that helps you keep track of all your ideas. Sets of questions help you to take on different perspectives and grow your ideas to the next level.

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