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Google just redesigned the Google Play store today. Here is my quick review.

No more header. Or ‘feature image’ as Google calls it. Leaving that out is a good thing for small developers, who now don’t have to spend time and effort on this. The disadvantage is that the app overview page looks a bit more boring.


My pluses (Google’s ‘likes’) are gone [update July 19th: Google Fixed this bug]. The URL is the same, but the 300 pluses the app had are no longer there. Also clicking the plus gave me a strange error-like message. I hope this is just a bug, and Google will fix it..

Continuous scrolling discovery. This makes it easy to browse apps. It is also quite made to take into account different screen sizes. It follows the trend of responsive design. This is good news for app developers like me, because it is easier to get noticed. For instance my app now shows up ‘on the front page’ if you search for ‘idea’ on a big screen.


Speed. It is supposed to be quicker, and that is probably true. Here is a great article by the Norman & Nielssen group on the importance of website response times.

As you can learn from my last post, I’m quite on top of the statistics of usage for my app Idea Growr. It will be interesting to find out how the redesign will effect downloads.

_Idea Growr is a free Android app that helps you keep track of all your ideas. Themed question sets help you take on different perspectives._

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