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Let me quickly state (again) that I can’t read ideas or notes people write in Idea Growr. I collect data on usage so I can learn from it and improve the app.

Here are some new stats on how Idea Growr is doing. All coming from the period June 16 – July 13.

Active users per day (includes new users)Active Users 14Juli2013

Active device installs

Active Device Installs 13 Juli 2013

This quickly shows that the number of active users is roughly about 1/10th of the active device installs.


Loyalty 13 juli 2013

While it is a bit difficult to read this table and take any lessons from it. It does show two things:

It is also good to note that my own usage is included in these stats and I am a heavy user. As of version 1.21, released yesterday, I am better able to filter my own data out of the statistics.

How about Spanish speaking people?

One of the fun thing with Google Analytics is that you can split your data in all sorts of ways. For instance in the Lanuage overview it shows es-us (Spanish language in the USA), es-es, es-mx, etc. But I like to see how many active users I have any of those Spanish language settings. You click on Advanced and make a selection including languages beginning with ‘es’.


Language Spanish

So now I can show you the number of active users in this same period for people who have their device set in Spanish.

Spanish Active Users 13 july

On June 24th, I updated the app to include the Spanish language. I’d like to think it helped to have included this translation, but you can see in the stats it didn’t really make any difference. It’s funny to see that for both dates the percentage of Spanish speaking people is exactly 6,1%.

Tracking events, do people use the sort buttons in the All Ideas screen?

At the Top Events page in Google Analytics I select ‘motion charts’.

Motion Charts

Here you get a whole set of features that you can play with. I went to bed late yesterday because of these charts..

Now within Motion Charts, you can select a tab to view graphs.


So now you have something like you started with, but a bit fancier. So let’s take a look at when the sort buttons where used.

Sort buttons

So the buttons are used, but not so often. This is probably because in the beginning most people don’t have that many ideas yet. It’s nice to see all three buttons are used, if I would see one button was (almost) never used, I would have removed it from the interface.

Devices & resolutions

Screen resolutions

As you can see the app is used in a wide range of resolutions. The app is even used on a quite a number of tablets. It makes sense from the perspective that it is easier to type on a tablet and Idea Growr is mostly used to write and read texts. It’s also nice to see that people with a 320×480 screen can make good use of my app.

Widget Device Category

Before I’ll end this post, let me check the number of users on the device right now (19:45). That’s 275 active users (a new record!), including 118 new users.



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