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Looking at the analytics for Idea Growr, it made me think of the game Plague inc. Not only for the visuals, but also about how it works.

Plague Inc.


_**Game – Severity, infectiousness, deadly

My app – App quality, viral (can’t find a better word..), profit**_

The best strategy to play the game on the hardest level, is to spread the disease in every country, but make it not so viral and not deadly in the beginning. Just be super patient. If your disease is not spotted by authorities, they will not start to develop a cure or set up restrictions between land borders. Then, once the disease is in all countries, and you have enough resources, you quickly make it super infectious and while it’s spreading, you also quickly increase how severe and deadly it is.

It’s actually quite educational to play this game. It makes you think about the strategies real diseases have evolved to be effective and if you understand those strategies it is rather obvious what remedies will counter this and what will ‘play into the hands’ of the disease.

For Idea Growr it sort of feels the same as playing the game. It is very difficult to directly influence how your app spreads, but you can influence the quality of your app. You can also ‘infect’ a single person on a forum or via e-mail. But the app has to have certain qualities to be able to spread on itself to go beyond those few people.

Idea Growr is spreading in a lot of countries, often still in low numbers. For instance, there are about 20 of users are in Egypt. So there is a presence to build upon. But the app needs some improvements for world domination.

For the app to be more ‘severe’, for instance the online backup & sync feature can be added. It would make it more attractive to more users.

For the app to be more ‘infectious’ it can be interesting to partner with a platform that deals with ideas (for instance a crowdfunding platform). This would enable the app to be marketed more and seen by more people.

For the app to be more ‘deadly’ (read: profitable). The app should be more attractive to the creative professional. And a neat way to make it more attractive for this target group and increase the ‘severity’ and ‘infectiousness’ is to add real-time collaborative features.

If these features could be added and it is done right, I think it could be 5 times as ‘severe’, 5 times as ‘infective’ and 100.000 times as ‘deadly’.

I was quite addicted to that game, and I must say I also enjoy this Idea Growr adventure. I’m curious to see if I can increase the relevant qualities and see the effects on the statistics..

Let me check the stats one more time before I go to sleep: It’s 1:38 and there are 9 new users and 16 active users. That would project something along the lines of 125 new users at the of the day and 225 active users. Nice!

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