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I wanted to find out if I could use Stackmob ( to create a back-end for Idea Growr and other future projects. I did some tests last week and decided not to go for it.

**4 reasons I will not use StackMob


  1. Not a lot of good (Android) tutorials for what I want to do. The tasks tutorial was nice, but the only other real Android tutorial SnapStack, required you to have an Amazon Services account and incorporated Google Services API. This added to the complexity while I was only trying to learn StackMob not two other things. I guess I’m more of a beginner then they have in mind for their clients. In the end I could not even recreate the app in the e-book, because (among other reasons) they failed to include the layout’s, that made it unclear how to set up the app’s login, sing-up, forgot password pages.
  2. I used a contact form on their site because I wanted to e-mail them. Their auto-emailed me with a “Thank you for your interest in StackMob. Do you have time this week or next for a short call to discuss your requirements?”, I replied that this was not needed and that I could save both of us some time by just asking some quick questions via e-mail. So I included those questions and a couple of other remarks on their website. I never got a reply back. I understand they are busy, but if you want to call me at first, it doesn’t feel right if they don’t even reply with “can’t help you, too busy”. In the comments a reaction from StackMob.
  3. No local cache. I want the online part of the app to be optional, and the app should also work offline. It doesn’t seem StackMob can help me there. Maybe Parse would have been a better option for this.
  4. I had the feeling time was slipping away last week, and I was hardly making any progress. Making so little progress on StackMob made me realize even more I need a development partner for this and I should focus on what I’m good at.

The whole reason I wanted to learn some development skills is that I want to be able to show the potential of an app (/tool) in a real life working prototype. I can now to some extend do this, so I should focus on finding partners, coming up with interesting ideas for the app for marketing and business development. Also I can create more working prototypes and put some extra effort in how I present myself as a freelance interaction designer. So, aside from some interaction design work for a client, I will be busy with those things in the next weeks.


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