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Two weeks ago I wrote about a new roadmap with 3 marketing experiments. Here is a quick update on the in-app purchase progress.

In-app purchases are implemented, but not as I planned in the post I wrote earlier.

I succeeded for the first criteria:

Ovidiu has donated 1 dollar, and after Google takes 30%, that gives me a nice 70 cents. I’m rich!

I'm rich!

The challenging part was in testing everything. Because for some reason you cannot test with you own account. Luckely my girlfriend also has an android phone, otherwise it would be much more difficult to implement this feature.

The second criteria was:

If user feedback and statistical analysis of the usage of the buttons give a better understanding of what people want to pay for. It’s not about how much money, but about what motivation is the strongest.

At the moment I have only implement a donation purchase. The page with these buttons was only shown to people with 3 ideas. In the next update I’ll change this to 2 ideas.

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