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Last week I wrote about doing 3 experiments.

The first experiment is:

The idea is to ask friends, or just contact schools in different countries and ask if they would like to help me. There is not much more I can offer in return than a big thank you and a “this translation was made possible thanks to X” in the description. Still, I think it is doable.

Success criteria

Get it translated in 3 atypical languages. The more different the cultures belonging to these languages are, the better.

After doing some research online, I found a group on reddit that is dedicated to the translations of apps. So I wrote a request for translations. Another great thing I discovered was that there are websites dedicated to helping you get your app translated. I set up an account at CrowdIn, and I it worked great.


Now a week later, the app is translated in:

So I’m happy I succeeded the first part of my personal challenge. The second part of the success criteria we can only judge in a month:

Have a significant traffic increase for these languages/countries. To make it measurable, let’s say 500 new active installs for that language in the first month after adding the language update. Today the whole app has 371 active installs after three weeks of use.

Probably I would have to do some promotion on websites in those languages. But at the moment I have no clue how to do that. I’ll try to come up with a plan for that..

Next up is trying to make it possible for people to donate using an in-app purchase.

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