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The reviews on Google Play are great for three reasons:

1) It shows the core feature of the app works

The user reviews and how Idea Growr is used so far show that people who use the app like it. My goal was to only start thinking about adding extra features if the people really enjoy working with the core feature. The first indications are that I can start thinking about adding extra features. These extra features must obviously add value to this core and not clutter the app.

2) Good reviews boost Google Play ranking

The more positive reviews the app gets, the more people will discover the app. If people search for “idea” on Google Play, the ratings of the reviews are a big part of how Google decides at what position to put Idea Growr.

As I’m writing this, Idea Growr is coming up at position 48 for “idea” (free apps, sort by relevance). Searching for “write idea” (free, relevance) Idea Growr has the 7th position. Not bad at all considering the app is only live for three weeks with just 345 active installs.

3) Feedback & feature requests

Reviews give a good idea of what (some) people think of they app and what features they feel are missing. For instance Zak asked for a widget.


I felt a widget was still part of the getting the core experience right and I thought it would be intersting to learn how to do. So in the next version I added the most simple widget I could think of that added value.

Three buttons; start app, write idea, write noteWidget8juni2013_2

Since I added this feature I used the different buttons many times and really felt like the whole experience was just that little bit quicker. Really pleasant.

I have lots of ideas for widgets, but like I wrote earlier, the focus is first on getting the core experience right, so I don’t want to let myself get too much distracted.

Write one yourself

If you tried the app, please write a review. Thanks!

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