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The last two months I have worked hard on Idea Growr and it now it is downloadable on Google Play. It is great to see that people are actually using it.

Google Play - Idea Growr

First let me first be super clear:

I can’t read your ideas and notes, they are only stored on your device.

You will always own everything you write in the app

So while I don’t know about what people write, I do have statistics on how the app is used. This is super valuable for me in order to improve the experience of the app. I’d like to share some of the statistics to give you and idea of how the app is doing.

New users


The bump you see in the statistics is most likely because of the link I put on Reddit in the AndroidApps section. The first two hours nobody responded or voted on the article, so I stopped paying attention and went back to coding. The next they I found out a number of people had responded and voted on it. If I had known and had responded to the comments those people have made, I guess I would have gotten more votes and feedback.

Lesson learned: Check your Reddit post every hour for the first day.

Device installs


Google offers developers of apps a console where they can do updates to the app, change the description texts and view some statistics. In another graph it is possible to view the number of uninstalls. For instance on June 8th, there where 15 uninstalls, while there where 103 installs.

Catching bugs

Google Analytics also gives reports on crashes (but it is a bit delayed). This is great, because they also give some information on what type of bug it is and where to look for in the code when I want to fix it. This helped me catch some bugs in version 1.14 that I fixed in 1.15.

Ranking in Google Play

It is unlikely the app will now show in the top 480 for Productivity. So I don’t really bother to check that, but I do check how my app does on different search words. I set up a simple spreadsheet and check every now and then on “Idea” “Ideas” and “Write idea”.

It is nice to see that for “idea”, (sort by relevance, free apps only) Idea Growr has the 53th position and last week it was around position 140, so there is growth. For the more specific “write idea” the app does great at a nice 7th spot. I am not sure if those results are different for people in different countries.

This blog post by Google Analytics promises that in the near future Google Analytics will show me this type of data so I won’t have to go and get it myself.



I did some promotion of the app on Google+ communities. As a result to using Google+ communities, I now have people using my app from all over the world. I wrote a post and put it on the Android Development community, Small Business, Internet Startups and more like those. An nice feature of Google+ is that a link to an Android app is shown with an install button, clicking it from the website will install the app on your phone. And since a lot of people on Google+ have an Android phone this is a great feature for my use case.

Do they use the app?

I believe with the right marketing you can get an app like this installed on a lot of devices, but it is not really worth the effort if people don’t use. So the next weeks I want to learn if and how people use it. The first data is looking good.

For instance on June 9, there where 34 active users (returning users). Those 34 people had an average session duration of 1:49 minutes. That feels about right for this app. That would be enough time to add an idea, take a look at another one, perhaps add a note and close the app.


I recently found out about, if you use their tracking code, they act as a platform and distribute the data to (almost) all other analytic providers. I have to research it a bit more, but I think this can be very interesting.

Some fun facts

Galaxy SIII

I must say that I am very happy with the results so far. Idea Growr is probably not yet a force that Mark Zuckerberg will discuss in the next strategy meeting, but it is a global player. I am working on plans to do more serious marketing (I’ll write a separate post on that later) and if the next few weeks show that people keep using the app and enjoy the experience I think the app has a bright future ahead.

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