Inclusive innovation

Create tools that allow and stimulate us all to participate in designing our future. Make it simpler, cheaper and more fun to participate and grow ideas regardless of prior knowledge about the creative process.


Illustration for Innovation is not magic

Innovation is not magic

Innovation is a process, not a talent. People treating it as a black box are mis-informed or protecting their power.

Illustration for We need more perspectives

We need more perspectives

More diverse people grow the total of valuable ideas and allow for ideas to grow in quality.

Illustration for Innovation is fun

Innovation is fun

Creating new things of value is exciting. Collaborating, sharing knowledge in passion binds us and gives us purpose.


Illustration for the challenge: Idea Growr

Idea Growr

Idea Growr is a free app that helps you to quickly store and retrieve your ideas. Question sets stimulate fresh thoughts.

Illustration for the challenge: True UX

True UX

True UX is a series of articles and prototypes searching for a new and improved UX tool.

Illustration for the challenge: My Picture Books

My Picture Books

Use your own pictures to create picture books, and enhance them with texts or audio. The easiest way to quickly create your own comic or picture book. No ads, no accounts, just free.