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About me

So nice of you to drop by my website. I'm sharing my thoughts and projects in order to give you an idea how a potential collaboration might work out. In my career I'm lucky to have been able to participate at the forefront of creating many new things, mostly digital.

I'm somewhat of a generalist and like to quickly get a first version into the wild to learn how to improve. Want to get feedback on something interesting you're working on, or curious about one of my projects? Don't hesitate to send me a message @Juliu.


Developer @ FitChef
2019 Present - Drupal, Front-end, React-Native
Developer @ Immer
2018 2019 - Drupal, Front-end, React-Native
Developer @ SpoorGloren
2016 2018 - Android
UX @ Jungle Minds
2013 2016 - User Experience designer
Co-owner @ FourceLabs
2009 2013 - Pervasive games company
UX @ Advance Interactive
2006 2009 - We called it interaction design at the time
Study @ HKU
2002 2006 - Interaction Design