Tools for fairness

Create tools that increase understanding by providing context and fresh perspectives. By including diverse human perspectives, the aim is to enable fairness as an integral part of the choices we make when we build our future.


Illustration for Embrace human nature

Embrace human nature

Our time and energy is limited. Trust is easy to drag down. But it's also in our nature to care and have empathy.

Illustration for Human centered feedback loops

Human centered feedback loops

Make transparent the humand context of choices made. The cause and effect of your actions.

Illustration for Don't let power drive attention

Don't let power drive attention

Ads serve to provide attention to those with money, we need a level playing field where attention follows value.


Illustration for the challenge: Charitius


Global charity search engine. Built a working prototype with over 1.000.000 charities

Illustration for the challenge: Helpalot


Attempt to create a charity social network site.