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About me

I've been working on a number of projects and certain themes kept popping up. I decided I needed to think them through for once and for all, so I can have a masterplan for the rest of my life. It may evolve, but probably more on the side of the projects, and less on the challenges.

The general plan for execution is that I create proof of concepts, then partner up to take it them next level. The best (and only) example at this moment is my partnership with Immer on Idea Growr.


Developer @ Immer
2018 Present - Drupal, Front-end, React-Native
Developer @ SpoorGloren
2016 2018 - Android
UX @ Jungle Minds
2013 2016 - User Experience designer
Co-owner @ FourceLabs
2009 2013 - Pervasive games company
UX @ Advance Interactive
2006 2009 - We called it interaction design at the time
Study @ HKU
2002 2006 - Interaction Design